Episode 19: Fats In The Wild

Content warming: fatphobia in public spaces

Before anything else, here’s your reminder to give black people money, not just during Black History Month. Check out @IHartEricka on Instagram.

In this episode, we catch up on recent happenings in the fat community, including Instagram’s censorship of fat art (@Shooglet) and The Fat Lip podcast’s “Fatness Spectrum” (@FatLipPodcast). We discuss what it’s like to be fat while doing things… normal daily things, like having a job, going to a restaurant, riding the bus, and more. If you’ve ever wondered what to do as a straight-sized ally for your fat friends, the Faces have some ideas for you.

Also, you can now enjoy this episode with a view of our glorious Fat Faces on YouTube! https://youtu.be/i9_ibZt_cQk

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