Summer Faces

Dear Beloved Fat Faces,

School’s out!!!  Woohoo!!!

Ok, I know I haven’t been on that kind of schedule for a while now, on account of becoming an “adult,” but I can’t help feeling a similar sense of excitement.  These longer, gradually warmer days bring the potential of freedom and opportunity… as if the next few months are bursting at the seams with possibility.  The world is my oyster! (preferably fried and on a po’ boy sandwich, thanks)

The difference between those school days and now is that the learning, growing, and homework doesn’t stop during the summer.  In fact, I’m kicking it into high gear.  When I committed myself to the journey of body positivity, fat acceptance, and self love, I committed to doing work.  I committed to learning and reading as much as I could find, to asking myself the hard questions, and to being honest and vulnerable and willing to change.  The work hasn’t been all sunshine and daisies, as many of you are so aware.  Every day brings its own obstacles and pain, not the least of which is my own stubbornness and fear. 

The hope in creating this podcast was that by sharing each step of our journeys, including the struggles and joys, we would find a community that could offer mutual support.  While we’ve only shared three episodes with you so far, we have exposed more of ourselves that we ever imagined we would.  We haven’t held anything back, the good, bad, or ugly.  And you have accepted it.  You have listened to our stories and gifted your own.  You have nodded your heads in the kind of solidarity for which we didn’t even know our souls were hungry.  Thank you for holding us with care and for giving us compassion in our mistakes and learning moments.

The happy truth is, these summer months do hold many incredible opportunities in the form of participating in building community.  The month of May showed out with the chance to meet many new friends and fellow fats, and June, July, and August promise no less.  How lucky are we?

Thank you again for witnessing and participating in this journey.  Now let’s soak up the summer together! 

Love you Fat Face,


P.S. – Seriously.  Want to do something together this summer?  I’m thinking pool party, rainforest hiking, karaoke, and lots of happy hours.  Drop us a line!

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