Fat Face Feelings

fat face feelings

feeling while fat.


two women on a journey toward fat liberation, and sharing that journey with the world via podcast.


My name is Amanda, co-founder of Fat Face Feelings, sometimes blogger, and full time fat face.

An Arkansas native (Woo Pigs) who is currently dwelling in the city of Seattle. I identify as a cishet, a progressive affirming Christian feminist, who has been divorced once and is currently married to my favorite human.

In my younger years, I experienced a lot of confusion about being a woman in a very "male" body. Now as a thirty-something adult, I am working to make peace with my fat body, PCOS, disordered eating, high blood pressure, cake, excess body hair, and infertility.

I have my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and when I'm not writing, instagramming, or podcasting, I work with transitionally homeless women in recovery.

I am the human that mainly posts on our Instagram account @FatFaceFeelings!

My name is Eron, and I'm that other fat face.

My name is Eron, and I'm that other fat face.

I'm also originally from Arkansas, but have called the PNW my home for 10 years now.

I've been zig-zagging from loving my body to hating it, back and forth, for most of my life. These days, though, I tend to revel in the roundness and softness that is my physical home.

I love ice cream more than many things and people in this world. I love going to the movie theater (when the seats are big enough) and taking long Sunday drives.

My husband Wayne is the only person who is possibly funnier than me.

I tend to enjoy the sound of my own voice, so thanks for indulging me on this journey!



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